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Doctor Thesis

 Bibas GURAGAI  Inequality in Water Access and Consumers' Coping Stragegies under Intermittent Water Supply in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal Sept, 2017

Zhang Chunpeng

Dispersion stability of TiO2 nanoparticles in water and their removal by coagulation and membrane filtration processes

Mar, 2016

Rattanakul Surapong

Combination of ultraviolet light and chlorine for the inactivation of viruses in drinking water

Sep, 2015

Do Thuan An

Integrated Water Management in Hanoi for Adaptation to Urbanization and Climate Change

Sep, 2014

Zhang Ying

Separation of Colloidal and Dissolved Organic Matter by Interfacial Interaction between Hydrophilic Membrane and Water

Mar, 2013

Yang Yu

Removal of dissolved organic matter and phosphate by ferrihydrite for the control of bacterial regrowth potential

Sep, 2012

Phetrak Athit

Dissolved organic matter removal by anion exchange resins in water treatment processes

Sep, 2012

Nguyen Thi Van Ha

Integrated Study on Factors Affecting Water Quality of the Saigon River System in Vietnam

Mar, 2010

Aunnop Wongrueng

Effects of Membrane Fouling on Fluoride Removal from Groundwater by Ultra-Low-Pressure Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Sep, 2009

Jenyuk Lohwacharin

Effects of Carbon Black Nanoparticles on Membrane Filtration of Surface Waters

Sep, 2008

Yasuhiro Matsui

Fluoride Removal from Groundwaters using Nanofiltration Process

Mar, 2007

Quach Thi Thu Thuy

Effects of Acid/Base Treatment of Powdered activated Carbon on Adsorption and Membrane Fouling in PAC-Microfiltration System (PAC-MF)

Sep, 2006

Peng Zhao

Study on Membrane Fouling due to Cake Layer Formation in Powdered Activated Carbon-Microfiltration (PAC-MF) Water Treatment System

Sep, 2004

Oh Jung Woo

Evaluation of Bacterial Regrowth Potential in Drinking Water System Using Cell Cycle Parameters

Mar, 2004

Kumiko Oguma

Ultraviolet Inactivation and Repair of Health-Related Microorganisms in Water

Mar, 2003

Taimur Khan

Development of Powdered Activated Carbon-MicrofiltrationPAC-MFMembrane System for Water Treatment

Sep, 2002

Tran Thi Viet Nga

Groundwater Contamination and Its Effect on Water Supply in Hanoi City

Sep, 2002


Master Thesis

 Mitsuru AMANO   Mar, 2018
 Shingo Kanezawa   Mar, 2018
 Xie Jiaque   Mar, 2018
 Soshi Yamasaki   Mar, 2018

Hideki OSAWA


Mar, 2017



Mar, 2017

Patricia  Angelina GUNAWAN


Mar, 2017

Mika Koshio

Impacts of particles in surface water on UV treatment

Mar, 2016

Shu Hasebe


Mar, 2016

Mitsuto Maeda

Application of POU(Point-of Use) devise for removal of fluoride in water supply system in Lamphun Province, Thailand

Mar, 2016

Hideki Nakazawa

Reduction of electricity consumption by introducing a directly connected water supply system in a DMA in Bangkok Metropolitan Region

Mar, 2015

Michiru Okasa

Deterioration of water quality through distribution networks and household water storage system in Hanoi, Vietnam

Mar, 2015

Ryo Kita

Development and evaluation of water disinfection system by using UV-LED

Mar, 2015

Shunsuke Yamamoto

Restructuring of water supply system in New Towns

A case study in Tama New Town -

Mar, 2015

Yuki Hashimoto

International comparison and methodology for scenario-based projections of energy use in urban water systems

Mar, 2014

Satoshi Takaki

Effects of Elevated Temperature on Ceramic Microfiltration of Dissolved Organic Matter

Sep, 2013

Nguyen Van Huy

Occurrence and formation potential of N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) in groundwater and rivers in Tokyo

Sep, 2010

Tomoko Takeda

Health Effects and Hydrogeology of Fluoride in the Chiang Mai Basin, Thailand

Mar, 2008

Maria Prasetiati

Chemical Reduction of Nitrate by Nanoscale Zero Valent Iron

Sep, 2007

KWANG Heng Chong

Water Pipeline Rehabilitation Plannning Trough Pipeline Corrosion Models

Sep, 2005

Mancino Alessio

International comparison of the effects of shopping bag tax on reduction of shopping bag consumption

Mar, 2005

Thuong Nguyen Thi

Flood Events and Their Effects on Human Health in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

Mar, 2005

Masafumi Inoue

Mono- and Di-methylamines as tracers for investigation on source and mechanism of groundwater contamination due to ammonia and organic matter: a case study in Hanoi City

Mar, 2002

Punyapalakul Patiparn

Adsorption and Degradation of Organic Pollutants using Hexagonal Mesoporous Silicate

Sep, 2001



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